My passion has always been in the kitchen.  But, my love for crafting delicious food and entertaining friends and family began to emerge, while living in Savannah, Georgia and attending Armstrong Atlantic University. Up to this point in my young life, I had only cooked for my close friends and myself. Over the next few years, and several moves around the South, I allowed my cooking, entertaining and creativity to develop into a full-fledged obsession. In 2001, feeling a tremendous passion for throwing fabulous parties in an area where the people were such an inspiration, I began my catering career in Charleston, South Carolina. I believe the entertaining qualities of Savannah and the wonderful culinary reputation of Charleston shine through in my catering style.

As many of you can understand, I have had my share of “interesting” moments trying to balance work life and motherhood. While in Charleston, I had a request to cater a Surprise Birthday Party for 100 people, on a boat, 2 weeks after giving birth to my 2nd daughter! The surprise went off without a hitch, the food was exquisite, and the party was spectacular. This accomplishment is one of my proudest moments because I learned I could have a passionate work life and still be a great Mom.

Now, almost 15 years later, I live in Atlanta, GA with my THREE beautiful daughters and a growing catering business. Sometimes, I am lucky enough to have them in the kitchen with me, but as my daughters develop into young women, I often have the opportunity to put more energy into my thriving business. I recently return from France, where I took a cooking class from the great Patricia Wells.  She and her team inspired me to make simple, delicious dishes that excite your taste buds with every bite.

Through this evolution, Grits and Honey was born.  G&H has a Southern influence paired perfectly with a French Provencal feel. “Fresh from the Garden” taste is my goal and I am proud to use little to no processed ingredients.

Grits & Honey works with every client to personalize his or her experience. Whether you have a large or small event, we focus on making your event spectacular and stress-free. G&H is experienced with conference, wedding and holiday parties of 300 people or more. We also have individual and family clients that order prepared weekly meals for their own unique diets (i.e. gluten free, nut free, low cholesterol).  Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, and Birthdays are other examples of the many things that G&H specializes in.

Grits and Honey has corporate clients, such as SunTrust Robinson Humphrey, whom we’ve catered weekly since 2013. These relationships are more than business transactions, they are wonderful friendships, which we take great pride in.

I am always grateful for the kind words we receive after a Grits & Honey Event:

Thank you all, my dear friends, for making my 70th birthday celebration absolutely spectacular!  Your presence warmed my heart…The food from Mandy at Grits & Honey was so delicious…I keep recalling the conversations and the laughter and the joy that filled the house and know how blessed I am.  My heart is filled with love for each of you, and I will remember this evening for the rest of my life.           With deep affection, Elaine


Mandy Krasinki, owner of Grits and Honey, and I first met when she “rescued” me as I found myself doing some last minute planning for Christmas Eve 2013.  She prepared an amazing meal for 8 guests, many of whom are diehard “foodies”.  Everyone raved about the meal and we all enjoyed every morsel.

A few weeks later, I made my annual visit to my cardiologist for what I thought was a quick checkup on a minor issue.  This time he discovered an elevated cholesterol  level and wanted to put me on medication immediately.  I asked for some time to work on it through nutrition and exercise.  He gave me 4 months.  I thought of Mandy first, because she impressed me as such a professional and knowledgable food expert.  I reached out to her and asked if she would help me by preparing my weekly meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner and daily snacks – to ensure that I consumed food choices that would be low in cholesterol.  I have a very hectic personal and professional life and did not have the time to make it happen on my own.  Mandy responded quickly to my email and said she would love to help me.  So, she started delivering meals to me once a week in January and by my next doctors appointment, my cholesterol dropped significantly.  My doctor wanted to see it decrease more, so he gave me 6 more months to continue my nutrition and exercise approach.  Mandy has continued to provide me with creative, nutritious meals.  Each week, she provides a menu that reflects a nice variety of meals , so that I always have interesting, yummy options.  Many times when I am eating my lunch at work, people will ask where I got such a delicious looking meal.  In fact, I referred Mandy to one of my co-workers who is also enjoying Mandy’s carefully crafted meals.

I would highly recommend Mandy for any reason  – special events and as a personal chef as I have described.  Not only is she a true nutrition professional but she is a delightful woman with a true commitment to helping you with your personal needs.

Keep your fingers crossed as I have a January appointment with the cardiologist – hopefully I will continue to avoid medication – thanks to the TLC I have been receiving from Mandy and other life choices that are important to women’s heart health.


62 years young!



I love fresh, simple food.   My food selections are classic, customized and  visually alluring.  I make  entertaining enjoyable on any scale, cooking delicious meals  for the family dinner, intimate parties, large weddings and corporate events.  Grits and Honey eliminates the stress of serving a wholesome meal so that even the host, hostess or CEO can celebrate the company of their guests without a concern for the meal.

Grits and Honey caters on every level.  Grits and Honey brings wellness in your nutritional life by providing customized meals that feed your stomach and your soul.

As always, it is my pleasure to contribute to the success of your fabulous event.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your personal party needs.





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