Hello brave cleansing inquirers! 

This January 16, 2021 I am doing my annual detox cleanse and inviting all of you to join me!  Yikes!  But it makes it so much easier to have company while in misery!!  Just kidding!  However, having support with a group of like minded individuals who are looking to clean up their act, at least for 7 days, is amazingly helpful. 

What is this cleanse?

This cleanse is based on the pictured book below, 7-Day Detox Cleanse.  I have been doing this cleanse through out the last 20 years.  I will give you a short snap shot of what this entails but really I suggest you get the book and do your homework over the next week to prepare. 

How long does this last?  Two days of fasting, 5 days of clean eating. 

What can you eat?

All the fruits (except grapefruit) and vegetables you want and any type of rice, quinoa or millet.  Loads of water, warm water and lemon, herbal teas with no caffeine. 

What can you not eat?

 No dairy, no meats, no other grains, no alcohol, no caffeine, and no sugar (or anything that acts like sugar including honey, fake sugars, etc.) and no nuts. 

I have had some great experiences and some not so great.  What have I learned?  GET THE SUPPLIMENTS!  One year I skimped on having the supplements because they aren’t cheap.  Well, don’t do that.  When I did that, all the toxins came right on up and out and I felt like I had the flu.  I had to stop and it was not pretty.  The supplements help you help your body get rid of the toxic build up.  I don’t know about you, but throughout a year, I can build up a lot of toxic stuff. 

Start the book and prepare for Saturday’s start day.  Why Saturday?  Weekends work best for me.  This way I can self care over the weekend and I don’t need to be physically active.  While fasting your body needs to rest.  AND you will most likely be irritable, not to mention have a headache if you drink caffeine regularly.  In the past, I have had to take medicine to relieve the headache.  That is ok if you need to.  After the third day, headache will be gone.  I would suggest really listening and feeling the body while you go through the withdrawal of caffeine.  It is real folks.  It is real.  And who knows, you may just decide after the 7 days that you don’t want to go back to it.  Sunday afternoon on day 2 of fasting I do my farmers market shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables.  It is a nice outing and you’ll be surprised how excited you are to have some celery!

You can join my mailing list on Gritsandhoney.com to see what foods are in store for supporting you on this cleansing  diet.  There will be an ultra broth, veggie bowls and more. 

Want to know how I am making my juices and what I am adding to boost my immune system?  Or just want to see how I am feeling or share with me what is going on with you?  Follow me on IG @gritsandhoney

What are your treats to yourself for doing this?

Massages, acupuncture, bath salts and candles for your bath in the evening, a skin brush (I use the exfoliating gloves), quiet walks in the neighborhood, stretching or yoga.  These items I find really helpful and if you do them regularly, you’ll love the benefits even more when your body is free of toxicity. 

Another very big tip- I am NOT a doctor or licensed nutritionist.  Proceed at your own risk!  If you have health problems – please know that I am just a gal, who likes to cook healthy, with experience, and that is about it! I want to simply share my experience and have a community of people who are responsible with their own bodies. 

What does this cost?

Nada! I am a believer that when I feel good, I act in ways of compassion and kindness. I want for all of us to feel a lot better than we do.

Let’s do this!