I have been doing an exercise class called The Class by Taryn Toomey online. Karen Eldor from Forbes described The Class as “at its core, it is a mat-based exercise program, with elements of yoga, pilates, cardio, free-style dance, expansion, and release” by Forbes. It moves those emotions up and out through difficult and continuous exercise movements. These classes have helped me on many occasions when I felt discouraged and needed encouragement. Funny thing, the class simply shows me that the power is inside me. When I can see my negative repetetive mind and simply sit with it, I can make changes. Now, I don’t always feel like crap when I take a class. Sometimes I feel great and simply want to dance and work out. I have met some of my greatest friends from all over the world in these classes that I still connect with when I travel back to CA or NY.

Today’s class was a class in solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement. CJ was the instructor, and I had not taken her class before. I have my favorites so I was skeptical to change to someone new. She is beautiful in her work and I assume that is simply a reflection of her as a whole. My judgement and/or criticism is the point here. I have stories in my head about people before I meet them. This is really really hard work for me but work that I must do because I can not NOT do it. It has been called cement on my neurons. I am trying to jack hammer that shit off my neurons because I can’t think like this anymore.

Listening to our friends, who are black and struggling so deeply that they only feel their means to be heard is through screaming and violence, isn’t easy. I am ashamed of myself for not hearing them sooner. There are peaceful protests but I don’t blame anyone for the rage that I also see and hear. I take responsibility for this destruction around me. I have played a part. I wasn’t listening. I wasn’t speaking up. It is up to me to make the uneasy choices of changing the way I think, speak and listen.

In the live class, CJ explained to the over 1000 students from all over the world that the Black Lives Matter is a movement not a moment. She said “Take good care of yourselves… This is long, hard work and it isn’t going to be easy.” As I felt exhausted, frustrated and defeated in my own head- I so needed to hear these words. Real change doesn’t happen in a moment. I don’t have all the answers right now but I am not suppose to. This has been 400+years in the making. I am not going to be able to fix this in a moment. But, my “collective action to make movement” with yours will make change.

Today I am sharing a simple healthy and delicious salad that I hope will give you the energy and stamina to keep up the good work for change. Eating well, rest, and exercise are all a must to help keep this movement going for the long haul.

Please donate to colorofchange.org to help end racism.


Head of organic red leaf lettuce (or other lettuce)

pint of blueberries

2 oz goat cheese

G&H’s candied nuts

1/2 cup olive oil

1/2 cup balsamic vinegar

1 fresh squeezed lemon

1 garlic clove minced

pinch of salt and pepper


Wash and chopped your lettuce into bite sized pieces. Next, sprinkle blueberries, nuts and goat cheese pieces onto lettuce. In a jar or small bowl whisk your dressing ingredients of oil, balsamic, garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper. When your are ready to serve your salad, dress it with desired amount dressing.

You can add grilled chicken, shrimp or especially the Beef Tenderloin onto the salad to make as a hearty meal. I have also added avocados if they are ripe ready! Otherwise, it is always a great side to any meal.

Here is to hope, a long life, and wellness for black lives .