Well, I have gracefully done it again.  As I peck away at my computer, cast around my right hand, I am feeling a little more optimistic than yesterday.  I fell down a flight of stairs and broke my right hand.  I cant even say I was having a wild and crazy night of table dancing.  No lifting, no cutting or chopping, no wrapping, no writing, no pony-tail making, no yoga, no stirring, no use with this right hand for 6 weeks.  As the Doctor says, I am lucky the bones didn’t shift.  If they do, I need surgery to pin them together. That sounds promising…

I have got to think outside of the box and I have to learn to ask for help.  I think I am pretty good with the first but terrible with the later.  I despise feeling like a burden on anyone.  And right now, this hand is burdening me.  I have had to think hard of what I am grateful for… yes, the bones didn’t shift, roof over my head, and the kiddos are healthy.

Onward we march!

Lets work on the yummy biscuit recipe I brought back from France.  This is from the  Petit Pavot Biscuit.   I am working on my math to make sure I have the correct measurements. Please go back and check the original recipe. It is so beautiful and reminds me of sweet french cream and butter that you can’t replicate. Ambiance does wonders to our senses.

Orignially I used two sticks of butter… not correct measurements. They came out very buttery, wet and not able to stay together.

Now let’s try
1 egg yolks
1 stick butter
2 cups cake flour
.25 lbs parmesan cheese
tablespoon poppy seeds.


Since I am handicapped at the moment, instead of mixing with my hands, I put the flour, frozen butter, and cheese in a food processor and blended until course.  I then blended in the egg yolk into the same bowl.  I laid it all out on a floured surface and pressed into a flat disk about an a half-inch thick.  I sprinkled the poppy seeds over the dough while pressing.  Lastly, I cookie cut out circles and baked for 15 minutes at 400 degrees or until golden brown.  These would be so good with bacon or ham pieces in them…just say’n.

Take very good care of yourselves and be careful until next time we chat!  Cheers!