Beaches of Nice

Bonjour!  I am sorry there is no photo or video of me trying to walk on these rocks while attempting to go against the waves and up an embankment (not really).  I sat in my chair for a good hour watching everyone tackling this problem before I felt courageous enough to tackle it myself.  It is easier getting into the Mediterranean Sea than getting out.  And if you don’t have those ugly water shoes on, it is that much harder.  I thought it was most enjoyable and entertaining watching cool Frenchmen attempt this with such suave only to bite the rocky beach.  I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself.

I walked to the beach only to retreat.  I was going to hurt myself.  And I was maybe a little vain.  I couldn’t help but also think about the book A Year In Provence“where Peter Mayle writes

at any giving moment during any day in the month of August there are 5000 people making pipi in the sea…who would be a fish?

It was only September.
Later I carefully and smoothly walked to the toilette trying to keep my unattainable american je ne sais quoi only to see that my face was as white as a sheep’s because my Neutrogena Sunblock hadn’t blended in… C’est la vie.  So much for trying to be cool!

There are some pretty nice restaurants in Nice along the water.  There is a big Italian influence because they are so close to the border.  There are lots of pizzas and ceaser salads.  The dressings are made with fresh anchovy and large pieces of grated Parmesan cheese.  There is also a lot of fresh fish that comes in from the ocean.  Everything I have had has been great except my hotel breakfast.  I was surprised to see all the fruit that looked like it came from a can and drenched in syrup.  Bleeck!  You can judge most places by the amount of French people siting outside eating, the more the better.


La cappuccino

My favorite dessert has been home-made ice-cream and sorbet.  One of my first purchases will be a professional grade ice cream maker when I get back.  I’ve had sorbet made with Greek yogurt and lemon that gives you a wonderful tangy taste.  I’ve had delicious vanilla bean ice cream with fresh espresso poured over it and topped with fresh whipped cream.   They can be served in little tea cups with just a small scoop, unlike the photo.  As always, fresh ingredients are what make the difference in good and delectable.

Traveling on to my next adventure!  Au revoir!