When I see my little Gabby Goose outside playing, content with herself, making up foods, cooking for her bug friends, chatting to herself and those made up creatures, my heart melts with love.  All of my girls did this at some point.  The older girls don’t do it anymore.  They are little ladies now, too cool to talk to stuffed animals or bugs.  But my Goose, she is turning 7, and she is still that sweet little girl with the imagination of Picasso.  The computer, mini iPad, or cell phone hasn’t sucked her completely in.

She is grating chalk into cups and I see her nose and cheeks becoming rosy from the crispness in the air.  I wonder who she is chatting with.  She shirks her shoulders as if to say “I don’t know”.  I realize this moment is worth its weight in gold.  I want to cherish it like so many other fleeting moments.  There are so many of these moments, if, I just stop for a minute to notice them.

My Goose has this attraction that brings people to her.  They enjoy and want to be around her.   Her happiness and joy is a magnet to everyone who comes in contact with her.  Well, maybe not so much when she was an infant.  She was the loudest of any child I have ever heard.  I think most people who were around us when she was a baby would vouch for that.  Her scream was piercing.  But now, I wonder why this little, happy soul chose me to be her mother.  It is really cool to think about this with each of my daughters.  How these sweet spirits grow from a little bean in your womb into these human beings that are so precious.  They are all pretty damn amazing, and I get to be their mom.  There really is nothing sweeter!

For my goose’s birthday, we will make cupcakes.  She wants her sisters to make the cake and I will make the Buttercream Icing.  In her honor, I will share my Buttercream Icing recipe.


10 egg whites

3 cups white sugar

3 lbs butter (room temp)

1 tablespoon flavoring (vanilla, almond, or other extract)


In a double boiler, heat your egg whites and sugar until the sugar dissolves.  You need to whisk your mixture while it heats up so the egg and sugar doesn’t burn.  When your egg whites are hot to touch (some recommend cooking the mixture to 160f), pour the mixture into a mixer and whisk on high speed.  You will notice that your egg whites become fluffy white, and tripled in size.  Once they are stiff, take your whisk attachment off and add your dough attachment.  Add half the butter and pulse so that the butter goes to the bottom.  Repeat until all the butter is added.  Mix on high until it is fully incorporated.  Your Buttercream Icing will be smooth and silky.  At this point, you can add your extract or favorite food coloring.  This can be kept in the fridge for a couple of weeks or the freezer for a couple of months.  Just, thaw and add back to the mixer to get that smooth texture.  If it looks watery, it has separated and is too cold.  Just heat it up to room temperature, mix and it will combine right back together!

This Buttercream Icing is delicious with the Vanilla Pound Cake recipe that I shared a few weeks ago.  I have made them for many parties and events.  There is never any left over.  I will be showing my love for my little Goose on her birthday by making her favorite icing.  Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  I think some sweet cupcakes with Buttercream Icing are just the thing to show your love!  Make them for that special person in your life.  OR order them from G&H and take that time to enjoy moments in your life.  Cheers!