My GPS Guardian Angel


Patricia Wells – Monday Lunch

I have flown for over 8 hours, been on a train from Paris to Avignon and rented a Fiat that I am driving to Vaison la Romaine.  Not only am I unsavy on technological stuff but I don’t speak any french.  I am really just now getting comfortable saying Bon jour and Merci.  So when I set up the GPS to guide me 40 miles to this beautiful place that I can’t pronounce, I was a little frazzled.  I just began doing everything the GPS said to do.  She directed me in with no problems.  She even spoke english!  I am forever grateful GPS Angel.

When I say, I hope I make it back home in two weeks, I really hope to be coming home.   If for some reason I am not home when I should be, please know I am lost.  Please call reinforcements.  I must look like a deer in headlights but frankly, I don’t give a damn.  I am having the best time and meeting some of the most wonderful people.  This experience has already surpassed what I could have imagined.  Tonight, I dined with 10 of the most amazing people from all over the United States, Canada and France.  Patricia and Walter Wells are two of the most down to earth people I’ve ever met but yet they exude brilliance and authenticity.  I want to absorb every word they speak like a sponge.  I love the fact that they are teaching these cooking classes as a team.  Both of them used to be journalists which I also find so magnificent.  Another one of my own aspirations that one day I will write something worth reading.  HA!   For now, I will do it for fun!

One of the things we all have in common here at Patricia’s  is the love of great food.   And, we get to sit under the Provençal Stars with a breeze of the Mistral and bottles of fabulous wine and talk about how we all came to this one spot in Chantanduc.  One of the students said what I was thinking – “it is like our souls have known one another and came here to congregate under the stars”.  This whole experience really is spectacular.


Selfie in the Fiat

I personally wish that I could freeze frame moments because I don’t want to forget or miss any of this experience.  It is more than I could have wished.  I am super proud to say, I am doing it even though I have doubted my decision.  I have felt I couldn’t afford it, that I couldn’t get away from the girls, that I couldn’t leave my cooking in the states.  The list was long but I didn’t listen to the nah sayer in my mind (and some who said it to me) because I am doing it.

I can’t imagine how foolish I look here in Vaison la Romaine trying to pronounce anything in French.   But everyone has been so helpful and kind.  A father even hopped on his daughter’s bike as his family was walking and he led me to the driveway of Patricia’s home.  Her driveway is almost a mile long.  And, don’t believe a word people say about snobby french.  They may be in Paris but they aren’t here in Vaison la Romain.  Again, warm hearts all around.

I want all the Mom’s and women that may be reading this to please give yourself something wonderful.  Whether it is a trip by yourself for a weekend, a week trip with your significant other, a two-week trip with your children, a month summer trip with all the family.  This trip took three years to make happen and the planning and anticipation of the trip was just as much fun as the trip.  I know I am a better mother and person for it.  Not to mention, a better cook.  Here’s to saying  “Life is too short, I am doing this!”   Au Revoir!




Just A Little Closer To Perfection

Blueberry Scones

Blueberry Scones

I’ve heard that no one is perfect.  I believe that saying as well, but it doesn’t stop me from reaching for the stars.  It also doesn’t stop me from judging people who don’t seem to give a hoot about things that I may deem important.  We are all different, we all have different wants and desires but that doesn’t mean I have to like your BLANK and you don’t have to like my BLANK.  We can be respectful of people’s BLANK, but I don’t have to like it, agree with it or anything else with it.  And that goes both ways.

I have been working on my scones and biscuits for a very long time.  The butter has to be the right chilled temperature, the dough can not be handled or mixed too much, and the simple amount of sugar and salt have to be added.    I like to use a Cuisinart to blend my flour and frozen butter, to use my hands less because the body temperature from your hands melt the butter.  The dance is a delicate one.  I like to use fresh blueberries as well, so you can’t mix them in too roughly or they will all squash.   There are millions of biscuit and scone recipes out there but you have to practice.  Again, like life…

I love this dance in the kitchen.  I love this dance of life.  I believe anyone can be loving, doing, dreaming of their own accord.  It takes all kinds to make a beautiful masterpiece.  But notice I said loving, doing, dreaming.  If we aren’t doing those things then what are we adding to our universe?  For to many years I was adding hatred, frustration, and anger.  Some of it was passed down from the women before me and some of it was of my own.  I am a woman.  I am raising three beautiful powerful, smart women.  They don’t need to learn my lessons of life.  They will have enough of their own lessons.   Sitting numb and immovable is not a choice for me anymore.  This is where my judgments come into play.  I dislike seeing people go through life thinking that they can not achieve their authentic perfection.  My belief is that you can but you have to actually try.  The pain of feeling change seems to be far less than actually living a lifetime of it.

And that is todays sermon from me!  My father passed down preaching to me,  and his father passed it down to him.   My Grandfather was an actual Baptist preacher from a small town in Georgia.

Once, my father wrote the Beatitudes on a white wall that my brother and I would erase until my dad finally wrote it in permanent marker.  We still laugh about how mad my dad would get when we erased his inspirational thoughts.  Teens…

This dance of life is daily getting me, to what I believe is my flawed perfection.  And I am super glad to say, it may not look pretty, but I am dancing.  I wish you, a happy authentic dance!