The Smallest Cell is Smiling, Let’s Start With That!

Finished Juice

Fresh Juice

Do you ever just find yourself wanting to get to the finish line, only to start all over again?  It has many names – Rat Race, Daily Grind, Treadmill, Vicious Cycle…  Arianna Huffington quoted Alan Watts in her book Thrive stating this very dance.

No one imagines that a symphony is supposed to improve in quality as it goes along or that the whole object of playing is to reach the finale.  The point of music is discovered in every moment of playing and listening to it.  It is the same, I feel with the greater part of our lives, and if we are unduly absorbed in improving them we may forget altogether to live them.

The majority of our lives are spent doing the mundane of driving to and from work, driving to and from school, cooking this meal, cleaning up after that meal, snuffing out that fire at work, vacuuming up the dog hairs, cleaning the ring around the toilette, drinking this cup of coffee to get up, and drinking this glass of wine to wind down.  Oh, it feels so tedious.  But this is life.  This is our story and how we play out our story is of most importance.  It isn’t the begining or the end.  It is what is in the middle.

As I make my fresh juice this morning I am reminded of how much I love this life I am living.  As I drink the juice, and feel it traveling down into my body, I can feel my cells singing with joy.  They are alive and happy.  What we put in our body is so important.  We are handed so many things in our lives that are either joyful or sorrowful.  It is constant, the yin and yang.

So many times I hear painful stories in life.  We can not avoid it, but how we live during it is key.  Let’s build our foundation on the sweetest simpliest taste of fruits and veggies getting soaked into our body.  We can all do this simple task.  This way when the going gets tough and the music is difficult to hear, our foundation of fresh goodness can kick in to support our bodies to dance on. It is more difficult to dance when we are sick and our bodies don’t want to function at all.


Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Juicing


2 Fresh Peaches pitted and halved or apples cut with out seeds

1/2 cup carrots

2 celery stalks

1/2 jalapeno

1/2 cucumber

1 inch fresh ginger root

1 lime


Place all your ingredients one at a time into your juicer except the lime.  After all your fruits and veggies have been juiced, squeeze the lime on top and stir together to mix all the ingredients to get the perfect blend of sweetness from the fruit and spice from the jalapeno and ginger.  Feel free to mix it up a bit by adding spinach and kale,  or omit the jalapeño if it is too spicy for you.  During the summer months peaches are great but now that fall is approaching,  apples are in season and are perfect for juicing.  Sometimes I only have an apple, carrot, and ginger in the fridge so that may be all I add to my juice and it is still delightful.

Can you feel your cells smile?  Start your day off with this great foundation and let the music soar throughout the day.  Cheer’s to living!




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