Let’s Be Quick About This

Strawberry Basil CI don’t know about you, but this time of year, through May, seems to go by too quickly.  There is a lot to accomplish before the school year ends.  The weather is getting warmer, the trees are beginning to bloom, and everyone is excited to be alive and outdoors!  So, we need quick bites for that impromptu of friends that come over to sit on the back patio to enjoy the weather.  Being to busy is no excuse not to stop and enjoy yourself, your family and friends during this beautiful weather.

I am a visual person and there isn’t a better looking appetizer out there these.  These have become a real staple on the Grits and Honey Finger Food Menu When your guests see these they will think you must be the most creative person in the world.  We will know that you are not only creative, but you are smart!  I love having company over to sit on the back patio, but I don’t always have the time to spend making things for myself or friends.  You can ask my daughters.  They sometimes feel a little cheated when they see what Grits and Honey is preparing for parties and not preparing for them to eat.

The first bite is a Basil Balsamic Strawberry and Goat Cheese Crostini.  So simple!  Goat cheese spread on a toasted baguette slice, piled high with a strawberry, basil, balsamic vinegar, and brown sugar.  (check out the full recipe on www.cookingforkeeps.com)  Make the Strawberries ahead of time to soak up all the goodness while you freshen up for your company or check a few emails.

Rosemary SkewersThese next bites are delicious and super gorgeous.  I have this huge rosemary bush in my yard and I have always wondered what else I could do with it.  There aren’t enough recipes out there to use up this large bush.  I fill gallon size zip lock bags of this stuff to send to family when I need to prune it back.   Rosemary thrives perfectly in this climate.

For the skewers, I trim about 6 inch sticks off the ends of the bush and take those sprigs inside to wash.  I then take half the leaves off, leaving the tip with leaves.  They really do make the most beautiful skewers.  Slide your mozzarella and your pineapple cubes on a skewer and Viola!  If you have the time you can grill them for a second to make grill marks on the pineapple.  I prefer them without and I don’t think the extra step is necessary.  For a finishing touch, I mix a little chopped Rosemary, olive oil and dash of sea salt.  Drizzle this over your finished skewers.  So beautiful and so easy!

I hope you are enjoying this weather, whether it is a rainy day, like it is here in Atlanta, or a warm sunny day on the beach for spring break.  And don’t worry my Indiana family!  The snow will finally pass and you will start to feel the spring warmth too.  I hope these quick bites will help you to enjoy these beautiful days that seem to pass at lightning speed.  Jouir de!


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