Healthy Eating


I have a new and exciting project going on at G&H.  I have been working with a client for a few weeks on this and I am really enjoying it.  A client called after the new year to see if I would be interested in working with her to lower her cholesterol.  She is a very busy and successful woman who doesn’t have the time to plan her meals and cook.  (Remember when I said we all need to divvy out those things we may not be good at??  For me it is my taxes, and someone else will be handling those.)  Anyway, she has asked me for help in eating better and to see if we can lower her cholesterol with out introducing a prescription drug.  What an exciting challenge!

This is something I believe in whole heartedly.  I am not a scientist nor a dietitian but I know how food makes me feel.  Don’t get me wrong, I love eating pizza but I don’t eat it very often.   After many years of learning my mood swings, I see sugar is not my friend.  It is great for the moment, but as soon as my sugar drops, look out!  I get cranky!  Then after indulging on sugar for a week, let’s say around Christmas time, I begin to feel physically lethargic.

My excitement and passion for this is immeasurable.  My client was so excited that she had already lost three pounds and she is feeling great!  She will see her Doctor in May to see what her cholesterol has done.  And, I will keep you posted on that result.  Creatively, this is great too because I am trying out so many different recipes.

One of the soups that I have made for her and for an oyster roast last week was a Roasted Garlic and Cauliflower Soup.  It is not made with cream but it is so creamy, delicious and filling.  The 45 guests at the oyster roast loved the soup and no one there (that I knew of) was on a diet.  They loved it!  You don’t have to be on a diet to eat great foods.  We do it because it tastes great!   AND, we feel great!


One bag of cut cauliflower

2 heads of garlic

3 tablespoons olive oil

1 small chopped onion

3 cups chicken broth


Place your cauliflower on a baking sheet with 1 tablespoon olive oil.  Add a half teaspoon of kosher salt and mix around before baking at 375 degrees for 20-30 minutes.  You want your cauliflower to get a little browned and soft.  Put your garlic heads on foil paper, and drizzle another tablespoon of your olive oil over the bulbs and sprinkle with a little kosher salt.  Then wrap your foil around the garlic and roast it while you are roasting the cauliflower.  They take about the same time.

When your garlic and cauliflower are done, let your garlic cool so that you can handle it.  In a large pot, sauté your onion with the remaining olive oil.  When your onion is soft, add the cauliflower and broth.  If the broth doesn’t cover the cauliflower fully, just add some water to cover.  Peel and squeeze your garlic out of the casings of the bulbs.  When it is cool enough to handle, it should come right out.  It will look like a paste and smell divine.  Simmer the soup for around 30 minutes then transfer to a blender to puree.  Add salt and pepper to taste.

Roasted Cauliflower Soup

The garlic in the soup gives it a hearty and meaty taste.  I just love it and think you will, too.

We have all gotten ourselves into habits that aren’t great for our bodies at some time in our lives.  I know I have countless times.  Recognizing them and moving towards healthier habits can be challenging but so rewarding.  If I can help people to feel physically great and better about themselves, that is better than awesome.  Again, I will keep you posted on the final results in May.  Here is to feeling great, looking great, and eating great!  Cheers!


3 thoughts on “Healthy Eating

  1. I have abolished white sugar altogether, and butter. I use maple syrup or honey, and I replace butter in cakes with applesauce. I don’t eat pizza that often myself (although our Sicilian rianata is really tempting) but Sicilians in general eat pizza EVERY single day. Going out for a pizza is most exciting thing here in Trapani:)

  2. You might also try avoiding animal products as much as possible. Check out the recipes in the cookbook by the doctor in Forks Over Knives (documentary on Netflix). He helped people with dangerously high cholesterol and advanced heart disease get in vastly better health just by eliminating animal products from their diets!

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