Holiday Time


  Get your orders in before December 20th!

Medium Jars of Spicy Candied Pecans or Walnuts  $10.

Large Jars of Spicy Candied Pecans  $13

Baskets- include One Medium Jar of Spicy Candied Pecans, One Bag of Grits, One Jar of Grits and Honey’s Granola and Honey Sticks $45

I cannot believe myself.  I have actually gotten Christmas Cards made this year.  Am I becoming more organized?  Am I less of a scrooge this year?  I think so.

I am so proud of my Christmas Tree.  It was $27 at Costco.  They are already wrapped up so you can’t really tell what they look like.  I just let the guy helping me pick it out.  I wasn’t going to fret over a tree that was going to be put in the dump in less than three weeks.  I figured he could pick me out my Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.  Oh, it is a beautiful Fraser Fir Tree.  I think it is even more beautiful because it was only $27- $29 and change with tax.  I had Allie help me get it off my car and I sawed the bottom three inches off so that it would soak up the water.  We carried “her” in and placed “her” in the living room.  We played Christmas music, I had a glass of wine, and we decorated “her”.  The girls at one point pulled every ornament out but only hung 3.  I said “no way, you guys wanted the tree, you guys help decorate it.”  What is it with their attention span?  The tree isn’t perfect, but it is perfect for us.  It was a perfect evening, with every one of the trees flaws and ours.

I hope to make this Christmas simpler for us all.  One thing that helps me are my Spicy Candied Nuts as gifts.  They are the perfect gift for teachers, coworkers, or neighbors.  Get those orders in and let’s make this Christmas perfectly simple and delicious!


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