Mummy Cupcake

Mummy Cupcake

It is officially the holiday season.  As I write, I want to fall over from exhaustion, already.  This cappuccino should help me survive.

Does this mean I am the Scrooge of Halloween.  Well, no.  Just the actual day is exhausting.  I have had a lot of fun up to this day decorating and making tricky treats.  I guess the fun is just catching up- I want to rest, if just for a moment.

What!?!?  There is no time to rest this time of year!  It is time to go full speed ahead.  It is time to do lots of tricking and treating, and cooking, eating, and celebrating, to buying out the stores for Christmas, and then doing more cooking eating and celebrating…  Grits and Honey can make it easier for you this season!  I did a dinner party last weekend for a birthday party and the client couldn’t believe what a different person she was with out having all the stress of the party.  You too can have a simpler life.

For another pumpkin carving party, I made yellow cupcakes.  Children and adults love these.  This recipe is a staple all year round for birthdays, holidays, graduations, or just to put a smile on someone’s face.

Get a stick of butter and and 3 eggs and leave out to become room temperature.  Mix your butter and 2 cups sugar together until your mixture is pale in color and fluffy.  Next, mix in your eggs one at a time.  In one separate bowls mix 3 cups flour and one tablespoon baking powder, in another bowl add 1.5 cups half and half and 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract.  Add 1/2 flour mixture to your sugar mixture then all of the milk mixture, and finish with the rest of your flour.  Mix this well and then pour into your favorite cupcake liners.  If your making cake, just make sure to prepare pans so the cake doesn’t stick!  Bake your cupcakes for around 20 minutes but check them around 18 minutes.

Here’s to not just making it through the holidays but actually enjoying them too.  And, their is nothing wrong with taking a little power nap!  Happy Halloween!


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