Through Thick and Thin


Pasta with Pesto and Chicken

My girlfriend called me early Saturday morning.  I knew something was up because she doesn’t usually call on the weekend.  She was crying.  I had never heard her like this.  My heart sank- what was wrong?

Her son had a melt down about doing a Saturday activity.  He didn’t want to go.  The whole family was rushing around to get the son to his boy scout commitment and the daughter to her soccer game.    The temper tantrum had affected the whole family, negatively.

As my friend continued talking and crying, she said “I lost it, I cursed at him”.  I couldn’t help it and I started laughing.  She is one of the best mom’s I know.

She began laughing too.  We as Mothers carry the weight of the world on our shoulders to be perfect even when our little angles are not.  I do not have enough fingers and toes to count the countless mistakes I have made as a mother.  I sometimes feel like I have won the worst mom award.  But, I haven’t.  I make a mistakes, apologize, and my daughters and I learn a good lesson.  We make mistakes, recognize them and move on, trying really hard not to make the same mistakes again.  We are human, with human emotions.

That was the beautiful lesson in this.  They did go to the boy scouts event and they both apologized for their behavior.  The mother to the son and the son to the family.  We are not perfect with our emotions.  And that is the perfect lesson to ourselves and those we love.  We will act certain ways in life.  People may not like it but those that truly love us will continue to love us unconditionally.  I believe, and I know not everyone does, that yelling and getting angry when someone has hurt you is healthy.  What is not healthy is a continual hurt and a continual yell.  I know there is a huge difference.  There is that word again that comes up in my life a lot…balance.

So, for dinner with my family, I decided to throw some pasta on the stove.  The greatest comfort food in the fall, if you ask me.  I didn’t have a lot in the fridge so, I used what I had – some grape tomatoes, some capers in a jar, some kalamata olives in a jar, left over pesto, and frozen chicken breasts.

I thawed the chicken and sautéed them.  I then added all the other ingredients minus the pesto to the pan and put a lid on it while all the flavors cooked together.  I added cooked penne pasta and the pesto and mixed it all up.

Viola!  Our dinner was served and, we sat at the table this particular night-  all of us, talking about our day, eating our meal, and living one day at a time through thick and thin, loving each other, unconditionally.


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