Saturday Calm Before the Holiday Storm


Deviled Eggs with Kalamata Olive Spiders

This morning is one of those sweet mornings of rain hitting the roof, a fall chill in the air, and it is Saturday so I can lay in bed for a few extra moments.  It really is one of my favorite things.  The girls aren’t with me on this particular Saturday, so it is a different type of joy.  It’s a joy of solitude and peace instead of the joy of little feet pitter pattering through the house and a snuggle in the bed to wake me up because they are hungry.  Both moments give a different joy and it gives balance to my life.  As I am alone this morning, I can reflect on my gratitude for them.  Sometimes, when their little hands and sassy mouths are moving at lighting speed, I can’t see the gratitude so clearly.

With this chill in the air, it also brings business, a lot of business.  Any caterer would tell you this is the busiest time of year.  It is time to crack the whip.  I think most caterers would tell you that is the most difficult time as well.  We are the ones planning and throwing the party while everyone else is enjoying the party.  That is what makes a good caterer because we love it.  We thrive off of seeing that enjoyment that everyone else experiences with the hard work we do.  It is exciting.  I know I am thrilled for some of the parties coming up.

Halloween is one such party.  There are so many fun recipes out there, just check out Martha Stewart’s ideas.  There is no doubt that she will get your creative juices flowing.  Some of them are pretty intense and you may need pay $1000 or more to a  professional artist to help out but some of them can be done by the average person.

For one Halloween party, I am making deviled eggs with spider olives.  This recipe is from Williams-Sonoma and is super easy.  I don’t make my deviled eggs like Williams-Sonoma but I like the spider addition.  My eggs are a little more simple.  My mom didn’t pass down the cooking gene but she does make a good deviled egg when she doesn’t over cook her eggs.  She does have one of the most beautiful green thumbs I have ever seen. 🙂

The most important part is a perfectly boiled egg.  How I get my perfect egg is by covering the eggs in cold water in a deep sauce pan.  Bring the water to a rolling boil and then put a lid on it and let it sit for 10 minutes or so. Afterwards, drop the eggs in an ice bath.  With this method, there really is no way to over cook them.  I personally would rather have a soft egg more than an overcooked egg any day.  It is fool proof but you have to be patient and give it the time to let the inner yellow yolk to cook.

After the eggs are cooked, peel and slice in half.  Take out the yolks and put them in a bowl.  Add a little Hellmann’s mayo, dijon mustard, salt and pepper.  Nothing more!  If you would like to add a little kick, sprinkle some old bay, cayenne,  or paprika on the top.  Use your taste buds to decide how much of each ingredient you like in your center.  Yum- and so simple.  I will add- be careful with the salt because the olives add salt too.

Here’s to celebrating with peaceful moments and scary busy one’s!  Happy Halloween!


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