The Real Me


I am struggling these days on what to write!  I was reprimanded on a blog that I had written a few weeks back and now I am feeling shy!!!  This is no good!  I am not a shy gal.  I read a blog from a woman called Moms Who Drink and Swear.  She is hilarious but can be a little crass.  I am a mother, I am a hard worker, I am sweet, I don’t intentionally hurt anyone, I get angry, I make fabulous food, I help others, I listen to Lil Wayne, and I love dancing with my girls in the living room on a Saturday morning.  I cry when I am sad, I cry when I am angry and I cry when I am overwhelmed.  Sometimes I cry so much I am sure it is annoying.  I can make the same mistake 500 times before I stop doing it.  I love a good bottle of wine, sometimes all alone.  I like me!  People who know me like me.  And all of this, every bit of this, makes up a really good me in the kitchen!

( I am sorry Mom and Dad if I have offended you and embarrassed you.   Thank you for loving me and supporting me even when you aren’t so proud.  I know you aren’t going to read this because you are still on dial up internet and it takes 3 hours for the internet to pick up)

There, I said it.  So now that you know a little about who I am, let’s talk about my menu for a dinner party I did this week.

We started with my Asparagus Straws.  I found this recipe from Martha Stewart.  These have been on the menu for a few years.  They are excellent for any occasion but especially good during the holidays.  You can make them a day ahead and bake them right before the guests arrive.

You start by blanching your asparagus.  Put those aside while you get your ingredients arranged for an assembly line.  The ingredients are grated parmesan cheese, melted butter, phyllo dough sheets, prosciutto, and your blanched asparagus.  Place one phyllo sheet on a clean surface, brush it with melted butter, add another sheet on top and brush it with butter.   Then cut your sheets into four rectangles.  You place one piece of prosciutto on top of each rectangle.  Add your asparagus on top and then sprinkle each rectangle with parmesan.  Roll’em up, seal with a little melted butter, and place on your baking sheet.  Make as many as you need.  If you are making these in advance, wrap well with plastic wrap and refrigerate.  Bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes or until golden and crispy.  Allow them to cool a bit because the cheese inside will burn your mouth but they are so good.  It is hard to wait.

Asparagus Straws

For the main course we had a Garden Salad with Grilled Chicken.  And for Dessert we had brownies with ganache icing.

Cheers to being yourself, loving yourself, and laughing at yourself- especially over a good meal with great friends who can laugh with you!


Brownie with Milk Chocolate Icing

Brownie with Milk Chocolate Icing



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