Detox Time

Detox SoupThe week has been an eventful busy one.  Grits and Honey is now insured.  There is a sense of peace that comes with knowing that if anything ever happened we have a back up plan.  I know for me, this is what keeps me up at night (along with other thoughts).  Hopefully, I will be sleeping a little more soundly.

Grits and Honey now has a new Shared Kitchen space in Decatur, GA.  as well.  When I am a personal chef for a client at their home, I have free will to cook there.  But when I go deliver lunches, I need a health inspected facility to cook.   It feels really empowering to be checking it all off the list.

On top of all this paperwork, my autumn allergies have kicked in.  I am running on about 80%.  It is a feeling of not necessarily needing to crawl in bed but just not feeling great throughout the day.  And if one more thing gets put on my plate, I may look like a crazed woman screaming NO!  I am not feeling my happy go lucky self with these allergies and I don’t like it.

One of my favorite things to do when I feel this way is to make this Detox Soup.  I found this recipe through my friend and author  Cindy Marshall Oakey who suggested it from Dr. Mark Hyman.   It is more of a broth or tea actually.  My favorite part of making the soup is going to the farmers market for the organic ingredients of dandelion greens, seaweed, kale, turnip, beets, ginger, garlic, parsley, diakon radish, carrots, celery,  winter squash, etc.  The beautiful and non stressful thing about buying the ingredients is that if something isn’t there just move on.  Get what you can or what you like.  I personally like to add more ginger but others don’t.

At home, I put all those ingredients in a pot of water and simmer it for an hour or two.  Then, strain the broth into containers to save in the freezer or refrigerate.  Throughout the day, you can warm up your broth or tea.  My cells seem to just soak up all the vitamins and minerals.

As we change seasons into the cooler months, this is a perfect soup to keep the chill away and those pesky colds that keep us from running on full steam.  This is that full octane gas for our car.  Try it out!  I think you’ll enjoy it but I know you’ll feel better because of it.


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