I am no Detective!

I have never been a good detective.  I have been known to be a little clumsy.  I was searching a particular someone when my cursor scrolled over the “Add as Friend” button.   If I take my finger off the key pad and so much as whisper, the button seems to be hit.  I have done this accidentally to someone before that I didn’t know.   This time, I knew the person and it could have been ugly if they had known, not to mention extremely embarrassing on my part.  What would have happened to my image?  Ha!  My stomach hit the floor and my heart sank into the empty cavity.  I cautiously looked to see if  the “friend request sent” was highlighted.  It was not.  I carefully scrolled around the safari page to click it off.  Oh, dear God thank you!  Lesson learned.  I am not a good detective.  I am clumsy.  And I have NO business stalking anyone.  Back to the kitchen I go…

Wrapped Italian Sandwich

One luncheon I catered this week I made my Italian Sandwiches.  They have fresh pesto, fresh mozzarella, and Italian meats.  These are wonderful to make ahead for a day at the park.  Adding the Italian Panzanella as a side and the Brownies with Ganache Icing for dessert is the perfect combination.  I do love a this meal for a picnic with the girls, although, we have been having daily rain this summer here in Atlanta.  It does make a good lunch at the office, too.

I am excited to say, the luncheon went wonderfully, and I am going to be catering for them again.  I really should stick with what I am good at doing.   Here’s to more picnics and less stalking on FB!


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