Teacher’s Luncheon

I am thrilled to write that I was asked to cater for 100 of the finest teachers and staff in Atlanta, GA at Inman Middle School.  How do they do it with all those raging hormones?  Thank goodness we all have our very own talents.  Some people like to educate 20 something twelve year olds and some of us like to be in the kitchen, alone.

This morning I woke up as usual at 5:45am to meet my running partners.  Afterwards, I got right to making the sandwiches.  I had to run to Whole Foods to get some more of their mini Ciabatta loafs for the Italian Pressed Sandwiches.  Well, Whole Foods doesn’t open until 8am and it was only 7:15am.  I ran back to my kitchen space to do some other things while I waited for it to open.  I then gave myself a nice cut on my index finger with a serrated knife.  I almost passed out when I saw it bleeding but pulled myself together and continued on with the meal.  I ran back to Whole Foods to get the bread and rushed back to the kitchen.  As I was finishing up and packing my car to transport the food, Gabby and Emma began fighting.  Oh, my!  Is this really happening?

Yes, it is- and I love every minute of it.  Smiling today, especially with my cuts and bruises.  And the best part, no one knew!

Stack of plates


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